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One-click scans for all your tools

Pick your scans, connect your apps and tools, and instantly identify misconfigurations, suspicious activity, and other security issues.

Two ways to scan for security issues

instant, on-demand scans

continuous monitoring and alerting

Scan On-Demand

See the issues you have right now

Run an on-demand scan to receive a detailed, point-in-time list of any active security issues identified.
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Security scan report for Amazon Web Services
Security scan report for GitHub
Security scan report for Google Workspace, Drive, Email, and more.
Scan AWS S3 and detect security issues
Scan GitHub for secrets and passwords and detect security issues
Scan Google Drive and detect security issues

Monitor Continuously

Get alerted when new issues arise

Monitor your third-party vendors continuously and get notified via email and Slack the moment any new issues are detected.
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Vectrix makes it easy for us to monitor our business-critical vendors for security issues. It's a security engineer's best friend.
Ray Espinoza
Chief Information Security Officer
The on-demand security scans are perfect for double-checking the tools we use for misconfigurations.
Marina Smokhina
Security Engineer
Vectrix scans make it simple for cloud-native teams to bootstrap their security visibility from day one.
Chase Freeman
Cloud Security Engineer
Developing scans on Vectrix lets me make money and contribute to the same community that I'm a part of.
Ed Sullivan
Security Engineer


10 free scans per week. Yes, really.

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10 free scans per week
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Use Monitoring and get alerted via Slack.
750 scans per month
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On-demand scanning
Scan scheduling
Monitoring + alerting
Receive alerts via Slack, email
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About Vectrix

Behind Vectrix is a fast-growing, San Francisco-based team of former security engineers and leaders who are on a mission to make cloud and SaaS security easy and accessible for all; fast, affordable security monitoring for the third-party vendors we all use.
We're well-equipped to do it, too, with the backing of world-class security advisors, founders, and investors.
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