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Detect security issues in the cloud & SaaS apps you use most

Instantly identify misconfigurations, bad practices, and more with free, one-click Vectrix Scans.
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How It Works

Choose a scan. Connect your account.
Identify existing issues. Monitor continuously.

Choose a scan.
Connect your account.
Identify existing issues.
Monitor continuously.

Simple, online cloud security scans for growing security teams
Vectrix Scans for popular vendors, like

What's Included

On-demand security scans (free!)
Run a quick, on-demand scan to identify issues in your third-party vendors. We'll help you fix the problems.
Continuous scanning & alerts
Monitor for new issues and get alerted via Slack, PagerDuty, and more. Activate our monitoring plan to get started!
Ridiculously easy, no-install setups
Simply connect your accounts and receive results in minutes. Anyone can do it... no complex setup required!
Scans for every vendor & every issue
With the help of our Vectrix Developers, we're always adding scans to the platform. Sign up to see what we have!
Vectrix Community Favorites

AWS S3 Scan

Scan and monitor your S3 Buckets for misconfigurations and best practices not followed.

GitHub Organization Scan

Scan and monitor a GitHub Organization for insecure settings and access issues.

Google Drive Sharing Scan

Scan and monitor Drive for sensitive file exposure and improper visibility settings.

+ Request a Scan

Have a third-party vendor you want to monitor for issues?
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What is a Vectrix Scan?

Vectrix Scans are individual, automated security checks that analyze a cloud or SaaS vendor you use for misconfigurations, bad practices, suspicious activity, and more. No code or installations necessary; simply connect your account and run the scan!
Vectrix Scans can be run either on-demand or continuously, meaning you won't need to worry about missing any new issues - we'll alert you immediately.

What is the
Vectrix Community?

Security solutions today are only as strong as the community behind them and Vectrix is no exception.
The Vectrix Community is a network of active, highly-vetted security engineers from top technology companies who help develop new security scans for the platform.
Interested in joining the community and getting paid for your contributions? Get started with an intro call

Don’t take our word for it.

See what the security community is saying.

With Vectrix, we're able to easily catch configuration issues across the vendors we use and fix them right away - a must have.
Ray Espinoza
Chief Information Security Officer at
The free posture scans are very useful when we want to show that our tools are configured in a compliant, secure way.
Marina Samokhina
Security Engineer at Prospa
Vectrix makes it super simple for startups and growing teams to bootstrap their security posture management and monitoring.
Chase Freeman
Cloud Security Engineer
Developing scanners is not only an easy way to make money, but a way for me to contribute to the same community that I'm a part of.
Ed Sullivan
Security Engineer at Vimeo

Free, On-Demand

Instant Security Scans
Run a free online scan and identify the issues that matter most.
  • See your account misconfigurations and bad practices in minutes and clicks
  • Easily connect to vendors like AWS, GitHub, G Suite, Salesforce, and more
  • No credit card, trial, or demos necessary

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Continuous Monitoring
Monitor your vendors and get alerted when new security issues arise.
  • Continuously scan for new security issues
  • Get alerted via Slack, PagerDuty, and more
  • Generate reports in PDF, CSV, and Excel
  • Easily fix issues with our quick-fix guide

About Us

We live and breathe SMB security

Before Vectrix, startups and growing security teams were left with few options when it came to the way they bootstrapped their cloud and SaaS security posture monitoring, a critical first step for any organization.
We saw the struggle firsthand over our 20+ years in Information Security, at places like Vimeo, PlanGrid, and Autodesk. Needing something better, we created Vectrix.
Backed by world-class investors and advisors, we're well-equipped to build for the next generation of security engineers and teams.
Want to join us on our journey? We're hiring!
Corey Mahan
Alex Dunbrack
Matthew Lewis

Understand your cloud security posture in minutes & clicks.

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