Now part of Cloudflare

Scan your SaaS apps & detect security issues instantly

Easy, one-click security scans for cloud & SaaS apps. Secure your tools by catching issues like file leaks, misconfigurations, suspicious activity, and more.

Now part of Cloudflare

Scan your tools & detect security issues instantly

Cloudflare acquires Vectrix to join Cloudflare Zero Trust as Cloudflare CASB

Vectrix joins Cloudflare

Vectrix is becoming Cloudflare CASB, a core part of Cloudflare's industry-leading Zero Trust platform.
We’re excited to join them on their mission to help build a better Internet.

Scan Google Workspace for security issues on VectrixScan O365 for security issues on VectrixScan GitHub for security issues on VectrixScan Slack for security issues on VectrixScan Okta for security issues on VectrixScan Salesforce for security issues on VectrixScan Dropbox for security issues on VectrixScan Zoom for security issues on VectrixScan AWS for security issues on VectrixScan GCP for security issues on VectrixScan Jira for security issues on VectrixScan Jamf for security issues on Vectrix

One-click scans for all your tools

Pick your scans, connect your tools, and instantly identify a variety of risks and vulnerabilities that may be leaving you and your business in danger.

Catch and monitor for all kinds of security risks

Keep things simple with no agents, no installs, and no network changes.

With an API-driven CASB like Vectrix, you can easily detect problems like...

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File Security

Discover exposed files
in real-time

Connect your tools and get instant insight into how internal files and other sensitive information has been shared, accessed, and configured across your apps.
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Scan for file misconfigurations and exposures with Vectrix and Cloudflare CASB
Analyze user access security with Vectrix and Cloudflare CASB

User Access Control

See what your employees
have access to

Manage user permissions and enforce security best practices in just a few clicks with a convenient dashboard detailing user access.
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Catch insecure settings
leaving you vulnerable

Prevent security incidents before they happen by easily detecting risky settings and misconfigurations that could lead to compromise.
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Get 10 free scans per week
Review misconfigurations with Cloudflare CASB
Scan Google Drive and detect security issues
Scan GitHub for secrets and passwords and detect security issues
Scan AWS S3 and detect security issues

Continuous Monitoring

Take action when new issues arise

Scan your SaaS apps continuously and get notified via email and Slack the moment any new security issues are detected.
Upgrade to Vectrix Pro to use continuous monitoring
Start monitoring
Requires Vectrix Pro

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It was super easy to get started in Vectrix. In just a few minutes, I was able to get our SaaS apps integrated and scanned for security issues.
Stephen Lee
IT Manager
Corvus Insurance
I love being able to connect and scan our business-critical vendors for security issues in just a few clicks.
Ray Espinoza
VP, Cloud Security
Vectrix make it so simple to check our vendors for common mistakes and misconfigurations.
Marina Smokhina
Security Engineer
This is perfect for growing teams that want to bootstrap their security programs without a hassle.
Chase Freeman
Cloud Security Engineer
It's great being able to use my experience in security to customize scans and use them myself.
Ed Sullivan
Security Engineer


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Vectrix is a Y Combinator company

About Us

Simple security built by experts.

Behind Vectrix is a team of seasoned security engineers and security leaders who come from recognized technology leaders, including Amazon, Autodesk, and Vimeo. We built Vectrix so that teams around the world can better protect their customers, clients, and businesses in a fast, effective way.
Discover why IT and Security teams rely on Vectrix to keep their SaaS tools secure.
Vectrix helps us identify shared files, insecure settings, user access issues, and more. It's quickly becoming the gold standard in the SaaS security space.
Alex Dunbrack, Co-founder of Vectrix
Alex Dunbrack
Co-founder and COO,