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What is Vectrix?

Vectrix is an easy-to-use, online security platform that helps teams keep their cloud and SaaS tools secure.
Also known as an API-based cloud access security broker (CASB), Vectrix allows users to scan and monitor their vendors for security issues, like insecure settings, suspicious activity, and best practices violations.
Whether you're an engineer who just wants to check for the occasional misconfiguration, or you're a growing security team that needs to monitor for issues continuously, Vectrix scans are designed to be the fastest, easiest way to have your security needs covered, both today and tomorrow.

The Vectrix mission

Founded by a team of former security engineers and security leaders, we know first-hand the result of when organizations don't have the right-sized security tools at their disposal: Security isn't prioritized and businesses and their customers are left less secure.
We're here to change that.
By offering simple, straightforward security scans that anyone can use, we're building for a world where there is no excuse to forgo security.
Vectrix is headquartered in San Francisco, California
Headquartered in San Francisco, California

Our Team

We're a team of engineers and seasoned security practitioners who deeply understand what it takes for businesses to be successful in the rapidly evolving world of cloud and SaaS security.
Corey Mahan, Vectrix Co-founder and CEO
Corey Mahan
Co-founder, CEO
Matt Lewis, Vectrix Co-founder and CTO
Matt Lewis
Co-founder, CTO
Alex Dunbrack, Vectrix Co-founder and COO
Alex Dunbrack
Co-founder, COO
Frank Meszaros, Software Engineer at Vectrix
Frank Meszaros
Software Engineer
Frank Meszaros, Software Engineer at Vectrix
Samuel Bostick
Software Engineer
Tarika Srinivasan, Product Marketing Manager at Vectrix
Tarika Srinivasan
Product Marketing
Joshua Bicking, Software Engineer at Vectrix
Joshua Bicking
Software Engineer

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Vectrix is a Y Combinator Summer 2020 company

Our investors

We're not alone on this journey. In fact, we're backed by a trusted network of world-class security advisors, founders, and investors who see the future of cloud and SaaS security the same way we do.
Vectrix is a Y Combinator company, part of the Summer 2020 Batch.
Discover why IT and Security teams rely on Vectrix to keep their SaaS tools secure.
Vectrix helps us identify shared files, insecure settings, user access issues, and more. It's quickly becoming the gold standard in the SaaS security space.
Alex Dunbrack, Co-founder of Vectrix
Alex Dunbrack
Co-founder and COO,