Feb 2022

Vectrix has been acquired by Cloudflare!

Vectrix joins Cloudflare to bring one-click SaaS security to organizations everywhere. Learn more about Cloudflare Zero Trust.

The Vectrix Team
The Vectrix Team
San Francisco, CA
Vectrix has been acquired by Cloudflare!

Vectrix joins Cloudflare (L to R; Sam Bostick, Frank Meszaros, Tarika Srinivasan, Josh Bicking, Matt Lewis, Corey Mahan, Alex Dunbrack)

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Vectrix is now officially a part of Cloudflare! We could not be more excited to help build a better Internet at Cloudflare by integrating our SaaS security technology with Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform.

We’ve come a long way in a short amount of time, but our work is far from over. With this acquisition, organizations from around the world can look forward to an even more unified way to manage the security of their workforce and SaaS resources all in one place.

To learn more about the acquisition and what’s next for us, check out the following:

Our evolution

When we started Vectrix, our goal was to make the security of popular SaaS apps so easy to manage, that organizations of any size could focus on what they do best while continuing to protect what matters most. We believed that in doing so, humanity would be empowered to thrive on a safer, more secure Internet.

As security engineers ourselves, we set out to solve a problem that we each faced over the last decade working on and running security teams: the inability to swiftly detect security issues across the dozens of third-party SaaS vendors we were responsible for. Finding ourselves stuck developing custom, one-off scripts and automations for every single vendor and every single security issue we wanted to catch, we just knew there had to be a better way.

We quickly learned that we weren’t the only ones having a hard time, either. Using early prototypes and mockups, we engaged the security community and industry leaders around us. By listening to their woes, we discovered how they also were left in the dark with no real, effective way to spot issues like misconfigurations and inappropriate file sharing across their tools.

And so we kept going, eventually building the easy-to-use security platform that we always wanted ourselves; a one-stop-shop to manage the security of data and users living in and across an organization’s suite of SaaS tools.

Fast forward to today, the Vectrix platform now scans and monitors millions of SaaS assets—users, files, folders, repositories, etc—every single day, helping teams stay secure across their vast digital footprints. From misconfigurations and user access management to DLP and Shadow IT, Vectrix has been able to provide users with a new way to think about the evolving Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) space. Our customers agree, too, proven by a 100% customer retention rate since day one.

Why Cloudflare

Simply put, Cloudflare is an exceptional company doing something bold. In our conversations, it very quickly became clear that not only were our core company mission and values truly aligned, but that by joining forces, our vision for Vectrix could be achieved at a much larger and faster scale. As a small, dedicated, tight-knit team, this kind of alignment was imperative.

From a culture perspective, the people at Cloudflare share a similar, if not identical, outlook on how they interact and approach building products for their customers. Their collective drive to build and ship quickly like a startup, despite operating at the scale of the Internet, was a match made in heaven for the Vectrix team.

On the product and technology side, no other players in the network and security space innovates like Cloudflare. Cloudflare's approach to Zero Trust and SASE—making a historically complex security ecosystem available in one, easy-to-use platform—is proof of this. And as Cloudflare customers and avid readers of the Cloudflare Blog ourselves, we’ve been continuously impressed with the transformative offerings being brought to market by them.

There is no doubt in our minds that we’ve found a perfect home for Vectrix in Cloudflare, and we know those around us will agree.

Thank you

We would be remiss if we didn't say ‘thank you’ to those that helped make this possible.

First, to our talented team. From Frank and Sam taking a leap of faith to join a fledgling startup while the world faced a pandemic, to Tarika and Josh who came onboard to help us mature the product and business with early customers—we thank you. The expertise, enthusiasm, and focus you brought each and every day enabled our small, yet mighty, group to achieve so much more than what one could ever come to expect.

To our early customers who gave us their trust, time, and energy along the way—we thank you. We look forward to continuing this journey with you and providing effective solutions to the security challenges you face.

Lastly, thank you to our investors, both VCs and angels alike, for believing in us and providing us with your insight and support when we needed it the most. We especially want to thank our lead investors, Paladin, 1984, Uncorrelated, and V1.VC.

We think it’s also safe to say that without Y Combinator’s early backing, we wouldn’t be here today; the all-in attitude you instilled in us won’t be forgotten.

Looking ahead

Vectrix will be integrating into Cloudflare's Zero Trust platform to expand its already impressive set of growing products, Access (ZTNA), Gateway (SWG), and Browser Isolation.

With the explosion in SaaS usage and adoption from startups to the enterprise, the need for security in this space isn’t slowing down. Combined with the shift to companies embracing remote-first, Zero Trust security solutions are here to stay.

Our energy and excitement to build has never been greater. While the Internet is always evolving, we know that working with Cloudflare will enable us to make a positive impact, that is to build a better Internet, for decades to come.

And as cliché as it may be to mention in these announcements, we are truly only just getting started.

Thank you,

Corey, Alex, and Matt
The Co-Founders of Vectrix

If you’d like early beta access to Cloudflare CASB, click here to join the waitlist.

Read this blog post to learn more about adding CASB to Cloudflare Zero Trust.

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