Sep 14, 2021

Introducing Vectrix

A new platform to manage SaaS security in just a few clicks.

Corey Mahan
Co-founder & CEO

A new platform to manage SaaS security in one click

Founded by a team of security engineers and leaders in the whirlwind that was 2020, our story began like many startups: the idea to solve a personal pain point. In our case, that was our inability to swiftly detect security issues across multiple SaaS vendors. Living with the reality that there was no one-stop, no-fuss solution for IT and security teams, we embarked on a mission to build a platform where anyone could scan, detect, and continuously monitor for security issues across the many SaaS tools they manage.

About Vectrix

Today, Vectrix can scan your SaaS and cloud applications in just a matter of minutes and detect security issues and risks that span file security, misconfigurations, user access, and more.

Backed by Y Combinator and respected security investors like Paladin Capital, in a little over a year, we’ve been able to successfully grow the platform offering and company by providing 100+ different security checks across 5 key tools, and in that time, have more than doubled the size of our team. But really, this is just the start.

The Vectrix mission is to make security easy and accessible for everyone, so businesses can focus on what they do best while protecting what matters most.

Why we’re building Vectrix now

With a seemingly infinite increase on the reliance of SaaS apps across SMBs to the enterprise, there hasn’t been a simple, straightforward solution for IT and security teams to quickly find and resolve security issues across the many tools they use.

We learned firsthand that when you don’t have the necessary bandwidth to tackle these issues by hand, security ends up not being prioritized, and in turn, employees and customers are left less secure.

We built Vectrix to combat this problem and build a safer world where there is no excuse to forgo security by providing simple, yet comprehensive security visibility across the many critical SaaS & cloud tools we use every day.

At Vectrix, it’s in our DNA to make processes effortless for IT and security teams while still equipping them with information that is actionable and to the point. This means we strive for our security scans to not only run in just a few clicks, but that they also cover a wide variety of the SaaS apps that businesses use each and every day.

Where we are going

As a company, we know that there's a bright future ahead of us. But let’s be real, what startup wouldn’t say that?

So instead, let’s focus on how we envision the Vectrix platform evolving.

A security hub for all the SaaS tools your company uses

We’ve started with what IT and security teams need most when they have nothing to begin with: visibility.

The age old adage of ‘you can’t protect what you don’t know you have’ rings true here. Not being able to answer questions like who has access to what, which files have been shared with who, and which settings are leaving us vulnerable are finally becoming a problem of the past with the help of Vectrix. But what’s next?

To us, we see this security hub encompassing not just a solution that provides visibility into security issues, but a platform that goes one step further by helping remediate (and sometimes, outright prevent) detected security issues.

In the end, we believe it’s our mission to help equip teams with the tools and security visibility necessary to protect their companies, and we hope that you’ll follow us as we trailblaze the world of all things SaaS security.

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About Vectrix

Vectrix gives startups and security teams an easy way to bootstrap their security programs and protect their company and users. Founded by former security engineers and security leaders at Vimeo, Autodesk, and PlanGrid, we’re bringing a fresh take to how IT and security teams address the security of their SaaS tools, offering ease-of-use, flexibility, and accessibility that, until now, has never been an option.