Dec 2021

New! Vectrix Okta SaaS Security Scan

Announcing the release of our first security scan for an identity management platform—Okta.

Alex Dunbrack
Alex Dunbrack
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Tarika Srinivasan
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New! Vectrix Okta SaaS Security Scan

Today, we are announcing the release of our first security scan for an identity management platform—Okta.

With the addition of our support for Okta, we add to our growing library of security scans and move forward on our mission to support businesses and their software-as-a-service (SaaS) security needs.

You can read more about the new Okta security scan here.

Which is more secure: managing multiple credentials or a single credential as the master key?

For the many large businesses that use Okta—a leading identity management platform—it has helped transform the way IT and security teams manage employee accounts and access. Thinking back to a time when Okta didn’t exist, employees would receive a different login credential for every business tool they needed to use. A single employee at a SaaS-enabled company could easily accumulate dozens of unique usernames and passwords—a different set of credentials for Google Workspace, Slack, AWS, GitHub, Zoom, Salesforce, Jira…. *breathes in*... the list goes on and on.

But as companies scale from small teams to hundreds and thousands of employees, it becomes a cumbersome challenge to manage high volumes of employee credentials securely. Having each employee maintain a rolodex full of usernames and passwords has become not only untenable, but a grave threat to the overall security of an organization.

Then Okta came onto the stage and solved this systemic issue by providing a safe, single point of entry for the entire suite of SaaS tools a company leverages. Instead of having employees shuffle between different credentials, Okta has become the master key for all of their business tools. For IT and Security teams, Okta immediately lightened the lift by creating a centralized space to manage access.

The Okta user inventory page in Vectrix

With great power comes great responsibility...

You might ask yourself, “Will this not just make Okta a single point of failure or compromise?”

“What happens if Okta isn’t configured correctly?”

“What happens if my employees don’t follow best security practices?”

These questions demonstrate the importance of managing your organization’s security in Okta. While Okta’s role as the key-keeper to your SaaS stack (and your stored data) is certainly a more secure way of doing things than the past, it’s important not to forget its inherent weaknesses and add additional layers of security where possible.

Why the Okta security scan?

With Okta acting as the gateway to sensitive data and business tooling, it is critical that IT and security teams prioritize and protect it with the strictest security standards. We designed the Okta security scan to detect lurking security issues and best practice violations that leave organizations vulnerable to compromise. Sometimes a single misconfiguration or an old, unrotated password could be the difference between a secure environment and a major security incident.

At Vectrix, we believe it’s best to take action from the start by helping companies address their SaaS security risks, no matter how small, before they become a real issue. Using the Vectrix platform, you can sign up, run the Okta security scan for free, and uncover critical security issues, all in under 5 minutes. And rather than spending precious man hours manually hunting down misconfigurations, Vectrix security scans run continuously in the background and can notify you immediately when new security threats arise.

What does the Okta security scan detect?

The Vectrix Okta security scan aims to primarily identify insecure settings and user access issues living in Okta.

For a full detailed description of what the Vectrix Okta security scan detects, please download the findings overview.

Here is a preview of the security findings the scan detects:


Okta User Password Not Updated in 180 Days

Okta User MFA Disabled

Okta Authorization Server Key Older Than 180 Days

Okta Application User Password Not Updated in 180 Days

Okta Application Key Credential Older Than 180 Days

Okta Application Key Expires Within 30 Days


Okta User Utilizes SMS or Voice MFA


Okta User Suspended

Okta User Password Expired

Okta User Not Logged in 90 Days

Okta User Locked Out

Okta User In Recovery

The Okta scan in action

Detect user security issues, like users that aren't using multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Identify potential misconfigurations, like authorization server keys that are set to be manually rotated

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Whether you are interested in security insights in Okta or on another vendor we support, Vectrix can help you quickly detect a multitude of security issues that you may not even know are present. With remote work becoming the standard, adoption and day-to-day reliance on SaaS tools has increased exponentially. Now more than ever, it is critical for businesses to effectively secure their SaaS ecosystem to avoid being comprised. It's time to prioritize the security of your business tools with Vectrix.

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