Leaked Secrets Security Scan

Scan & monitor for leaked secrets in GitHub

Leaked secrets scanning on Vectrix

Scan for leaked secrets and keys in GitHub on Vectrix
Setup time
Less than 5 minutes
About this security scan
The leaked secrets in GitHub security scan on Vectrix detects leaked secrets in a connected organization's repositories, including leaked tokens, passwords, access keys, and more.
Scan on-demand to detect leaked secrets in your repositories.
Monitor continuously to get alerted about new secrets leaked in your repositories.
Don't know how secrets security works? Read more below.
What this scan detects
  • AWS access keys

  • Slack tokens

  • Stripe access keys

  • Twilio API keys

  • MailChimp access keys

  • Secret keywords

  • and more...

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Alex Dunbrack, Co-founder of Vectrix
Alex Dunbrack
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