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Instantly identify security issues in your organization’s Google Workspace account

Whether it’s creating documents in Google Docs, sending emails in Gmail, or storing files in Google Drive, Google Workspace has become the go-to solution for modern teams looking to collaborate. However, for IT and security teams, this constant flow of critical business data and intellectual property requires that things are kept secure at all times.

Now with Vectrix, Google Workspace admins can simply connect their accounts, run a scan, and instantly identify real security issues threatening their organization, like exposed files and folders, user misconfigurations, shadow IT threats, and more.


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See how your company's Docs and Drives have been shared

File security

See how your company's Docs and Drives have been shared

With Vectrix, ensure that your organization's files and folders have been shared appropriately with active file sharing monitoring.

Scan your organization's Google Workspace account and instantly identify files with risky sharing settings, like files that have been shared publicly with a link, files that have been shared with everyone in an organization, and more.

Who has access to what in Google Workspace? Find out in a snap.

User access management

Who has access to what in Google Workspace? Find out in a snap.

Minimize the risk of user compromise with a detailed overview of users with access and any security issues affecting them.

Run the Google Workspace scan and detect security issues like inactive users, unauthorized users, users that are not using 2FA, users that have excessive permissions, and more.

Catch insecure settings that could leave you exposed

Configuration security

Catch insecure settings that could leave you exposed

Uncover tucked-away settings and configurations that, when set incorrectly, could lead to unnecessary exposure and security risk.

Use Vectrix to get an idea of how your organization's account settings are configured, and instantly discover any settings that could allow for additional security risk to be introduced.

Identify third-party vendors that your employees are using

Shadow IT

Identify third-party vendors that your employees are using

Minimize the risks of vendor sprawl and see which SaaS apps your employees are using.

When you scan Google Workspace using Vectrix, receive an exhaustive list of third-party vendors and applications that your employees have granted access to. This can help organizations that want to retain oversight over the services and products onboarded by their employees.

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It was super easy to get started in Vectrix. In just a few minutes, I was able to get our SaaS apps integrated and scanned for security issues.

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File Security

Keep business-critical files protected by instantly seeing what’s shared, downloaded, and publicly accessible.

User Inventory

Prevent data exposure by easily reviewing and managing employee access and permission levels across your tooling suite.


Ensure best practices are maintained by identifying insecure settings and configurations across accounts.

Discover why IT and Security teams rely on Vectrix to keep their SaaS tools secure.
Vectrix helps us identify shared files, insecure settings, user access issues, and more. It's quickly becoming the gold standard in the SaaS security space.
Alex Dunbrack, Co-founder of Vectrix
Alex Dunbrack
Co-founder and COO,