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About this security scan
The Google Drive security scan on Vectrix detects a variety of file-related security risks in a connected Google Workspace account that could leave you and your organization's data vulnerable. This includes files shared externally (Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides), changes in file visibility, file download events (DLP), and other issues.
Scan on-demand to detect active Google Drive security issues that you have.
Monitor continuously to get alerted about new Google Drive security issues in the future.
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What this scan detects
  • Files shared externally

    Discover which files in your drives and folders (including Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, and more) have been shared outside of your organization, and with whom (where applicable).
  • File visibility changes

    Get alerted when files have their visibility changed to a less secure setting, including 'Anyone with the link'. Additionally, detect changes to Write settings (Viewer, Commenter, Editor) and download permissions. Use Monitoring to receive these findings.
  • File download events

    Get alerted when sensitive files are downloaded or copied to another drive. This ensures monitoring is in place around Google Drive data loss prevention (DLP). Use Monitoring to receive these findings.
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Alex Dunbrack
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