Start detecting security issues in 5 minutes

Instantly identify insecure settings and user access issues in your Okta account



Instantly identify insecure settings and user access issues in your Okta account

Okta is the go-to identity management platform for many organizations, large and small. As the gatekeeper to the SaaS tools they use, it is critical that security is continuously managed and monitored. Sometimes all it takes is a simple misconfiguration or an employee not following best practices to let Okta become a single point of compromise.

Run an Okta security scan and get insight instantly into any issues leaving your business vulnerable.

Vectrix makes detecting security issues as easy as 1, 2, 3

Connect your business’ Okta account to the Vectrix platform, click scan, and see your security findings pile up!

Instant insight into user security

User security

Instant insight into user security

Keep your Okta users safe by ensuring that strict user security standards are enforced.

Run an Okta scan on Vectrix to get immediate insight into any security issues facing your users, including weak passwords, poor password hygiene, lack of multi-factor authentication, and more.

Discover & fix insecure configurations

Settings security

Discover & fix insecure configurations

Don't let insecure settings lead to compromise.

Use Vectrix to quickly identify misconfigurations and other settings that could pose a security risk to your data, organization, and employees.

Manage your users in one place

User access management

Manage your users in one place

View and manage user security in one place.

Take inventory of the people with access to your Okta account. Get ahead of user access risks by identifying problematic users, group memberships, and app allocations in just a few clicks.

Get alerted about new issues

Monitoring and alerting

Get alerted about new issues

Stay on top of things with ongoing monitoring.

Receive real-time alerts in Slack and email about newly identified issues. When you’re out and about, stay connected to the security of your SaaS apps and take action on the go.

See the full list of what this scan detects using Vectrix

See what you can detect with the Okta security scan

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I thought it was super easy to get started with Vectrix. In just a few minutes, I was able to get it integrated and scanning for issues.

Stephen Lee


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User Inventory

Prevent data exposure by easily reviewing and managing employee access and permission levels across your tooling suite.


Ensure best practices are maintained by identifying insecure settings and configurations across accounts.


Ensure that compliance is upheld and that best practices are followed by reviewing the security settings of your users.

5 reasons our startup is tackling SaaS security

Learn why we're building the SaaS security platform that modern IT and security teams need.

Discover why IT and Security teams rely on Vectrix to keep their SaaS tools secure.
Vectrix helps us identify shared files, insecure settings, user access issues, and more. It's quickly becoming the gold standard in the SaaS security space.
Alex Dunbrack, Co-founder of Vectrix
Alex Dunbrack
Co-founder and COO,